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What is it and how to use it?
Secured Deal it is perfect way to make a deals with minimal risks. You can buy and sell any goods with maximal safety, because your funds is protected by our rules. The Buyer will send funds, which is protected by password, until all liabilities will be fulfilled. After that Buyer should give password from this funds, and after this the amount of Secured Deal will be added to Seller's account.
When you are creating a Secured Deal request or accepting somebody's request of Secured Deal - you accept our rules, which is written in section №13 User Agreement. When Secured Deal is created it appears chat with two Parties of Secured Deal and administrator, who will control your deal from the start to the ending of it. If one of Parties will not follow conditions, which is written in Secured Deal request - funds will be frozen, and after decision of administrator will be returned to Partie.
We advise you to make all Deals with cryptocurrency exchanges between Users using this service to protect your funds.

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